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The AshKicker™ was born from the love of grilling over charcoal but the dread of cleaning up the ashes. We’ve all been in that situation where you want to fire up the grill, but the remaining ashes from the prior BBQ are sitting there and you have to clean them up. Or worse, you decide to not grill altogether.

With the AshKicker™, you will never again have a limitation on grilling over charcoal due to dirty, ash-filled grills. Not only does the AshKicker™ allow you to clean up your ashes quickly without hassle, it is also reliable and reusable (suggested reuse is two to three times):


The AshKicker™ is made from alumnium foil which is 4x thicker than your normal household alumninum foil and 2.5x thicker than the "heavy duty" household foil


Based on testing by our early adopters, we note the AshKicker™ can be used more than once (we suggest no more than three times).

When considering the Reliability and Reusability of the AshKicker™, you cannot go wrong purchasing this product.

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Photo Credit: Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

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