“I can’t buy time but I can buy an AshKicker”

The most valuable thing you have is your time. This is one thing that cannot be purchased, no matter how much or how little money you have. When it comes to how you use your time, spending that time with loved ones is often at the top of the list.

While you cannot buy time, you can buy the next best thing which is an AshKicker™. With the AshKicker™, you no longer need to waste time cleaning out your grill before cooking again. You no longer need to worry about rusting out the bottom of your grill over time, and better yet, you’ll never run into the roadblock of not being able to grill because of old ashes or a rusted out grill.

The AshKicker™ is here to:

  1. Help you grill with your friends, family, colleagues, teammates, etc., without having to hassle with old ashes out of your charcoal grill. You simply grill with the AshKicker™ and dispose of after grilling and all the ashes, grease, and food scraps are gone.
  2. Preserve your grill to last longer

Don’t waste anymore time. Buy your AshKicker™ today!


Photo by Harry Sandhu on Unsplash

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